History of Valari

Origin of Valari:

The sport has a long history dating back to pre-historic times. The game was very popular in the southern part of India played in its different forms. A historical version of the Sangam literature, the Purananuru 233rd Poem says about the Thigri which means Valari.

மணம் நாறு மார்பின் மறப்போர் அகுதைக் கண் தோன்றிய பொன்புனை “திகிரி”யிற் பொய்யாகியரோ……233rd Purananuru Poem”

The history of Valari is one of adaptation. The development of the methods and ideas of Valari, as represented it as Worlds First Traditional Art in India specifically Tamilnadu. Moreover, Valari was largely treated as God to the Tamil (India) culture. Valari used in Tamilnadu (India) on 300 BCE to 300 CE.

The etymology of the word Valari hints at the long history behind the development of the Traditional art. On the Tamilnadu, India, Valari is originally meant in Tamil (English).

Vala (Curve) + ri (Throw)=Valari

The techniques and philosophies of Valari are long periods of interaction with Tamil (India) peoples, cultures, and Traditional Arts. Valari is a synthesis of the game which is played in various methods with same name. Valari received international exposure from 2018 onwards, demonstrated and played in various states of India. In 2018, the International Valari Federation (IVF) came into existence and compiled standard rules. After formation of the International Valari Federation (IVF), the 1st National Valari Championship were held in Vellore on 16th Dec-2018, 2nd National Valari Championship were held in Lucknow, UP on 27th Oct 2019 and 3rd National Valari Championship were held in Chennai on 14th March 2021. The International Valari Federation (IVF) has given new shape to the rules and has the right to modify them.

Objectives of IVF

  • To promote Valari Sport internationally and take whatever measures are necessary to this end.
  • To represent the interests of its members at International level with regard to the authorities, other Traditional Committees, the mass media and the public, in as far as this is not left up to the members.
  • To promote Valari contact between all institutions, authorities, teachers, Guru, Masters and individuals and to promote sport, sport championship, international/national conferences etc.
  • IVF will support all country rules and regulations based on the requirement.
  • To encourage all Valari individuals, teachers, guru, masters, institutions, authorities, and institutions can connect in professional communication in the field of Valari sport.
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Valari is a Mother of All Traditional Arts developed in the Tamilnadu, India. International Valari Federation (IVF) had taken foot step to develop Valari traditional sport. In the year 2018, IVF declared “Valari” as Mother of All Traditional Arts and formed separate commission as “International Valari Federation (IVF)”. IVF was inaugurated and hosted first organization in the world for Valari sport. The primary objective of which was to lay the foundation for the future of Valari. IVF became the most important world governing body for Valari.

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