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International Valari Federation

  • Five Years of Tenure
  • 2018-2022

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General Body Meeting

International Valari Federation (IVF) will conduct General Body Meeting every year December or January based on the members convenient. In General Body Meeting, President will be Publishing Annual Report, Annual Calender, New Office Bearers, Activity List, etc

Who Can Participate:
  • Office Bearers of National, State, Districts & Club Members are eligible to participate
Referee Seminar
  • During General Body Meeting, Referee Seminar will be undertaken of each represented body

Information of AGM

  • Venue of AGM

    Tamilnadu, Coimbatore

  • Date of AGM

    9th Jan 2022

  • Members Invited

    National, State & District

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Valari is a Mother of All Traditional Arts developed in the Tamilnadu, India. International Valari Federation (IVF) had taken foot step to develop Valari traditional sport. In the year 2018, IVF declared “Valari” as Mother of All Traditional Arts and formed separate commission as “International Valari Federation (IVF)”. IVF was inaugurated and hosted first organization in the world for Valari sport. The primary objective of which was to lay the foundation for the future of Valari. IVF became the most important world governing body for Valari.

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